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Our Story

At Aura Beauty Collective, we strive to offer an exceptional guest experience while achieving the hair of your dreams.

salon chair at Aura Beauty Collective downtown Dayton Ohio

Our Mission

Communication, honesty, and integrity go a long way in this industry. At Aura we focus on keeping exceptional communication with our guests at each visit to make sure needs are being met. All of our stylists are driven, self motivated, and ambitious. We understand the importance of continuing education and perfecting our craft.

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Our Craft

Each of our stylists have chosen their desired specialty and area of focus. At Aura we strive to encourage creativity and instill confidence in our staff. Educational classes are attended on a regular basis to help refine and perfect our skills.

downtown Dayton Ohio luxury salon extensions curly haircut brunette lived in color blending

Our Salon

Located in a beautiful historic building in the heart of Downtown Dayton Ohio. Our salon consists of 12 independent stylist chairs. Parking is available on all surrounding streets and located directly behind the salon. Entrances are located in the front and back of building.

Salon Tour

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